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At Newtantechs, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help various industries optimize efficiency and productivity while elevating production standards. Our diverse offerings include advanced fluid dispenser systems designed to serve various industries, as well as eco-friendly rice husk pellets that offer a sustainable fuel alternative for the industry.

Explore how Newtantechs can revolutionize your operations with cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious products.



Newtantechs produces and exports rice husk pellets as a renewable and sustainable energy source due to their high calorific value and low environmental impact. The utilization of rice husk as fuel presents an effective solution to the disposal problem associated with this agricultural residue. It does not only contribute to energy security but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by substituting fossil fuels and enhancing carbon sequestration. Moreover, the ash produced from burning rice husk contains valuable minerals like silica, which can be used in various industrial applications, including fertilizer, cement, and ceramics manufacturing.

In summary, rice husk represents a promising and eco-friendly energy resource that aligns with the principles of sustainable development. By harnessing this underutilized biomass, we can address both energy needs and environmental challenges, fostering a greener and more resilient future.


Newtantechs offers comprehensive fluid dispensing systems with products ranging from fluid dispensing systems for low to high viscosity liquids, fluid dispensing valves, dispensing controllers, plunger pumps for precise dispensing, hibar pumps for precise filling, consumable products such as industrial dispensing syringes and cartridges, dispensing needles, custom made needles, standard pressure tanks, custom made pressure tanks, stirrer units etc.

We provide Unicontrol and Hibar products, utilizing Japanese technology renowned for its high durability and effectiveness. These products have been adopted by a wide range of companies, from small enterprises to multinational corporations, including those listed in the Fortune Global 500.

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